2018 Expectations, Goals & Objectives

 Monte Vista Softball Program

2018 Expectations, Goals & Objectives



Mission Statement

Achieve competitive greatness by preparing student-athletes to thrive physically, academically, and socially.

Vision Statement

Our student-athletes will honor the tradition of academic excellence while preparing to persevere in pursuit of future opportunities. They will embrace social diversity and overcome challenges initiated by individual growth resulting from responsible student-athlete training, competition, and practices.  Equitable access to resources, equipment and coaching will be available for the acquisition of transferable skills, self-efficacy, and knowledge resulting in lifelong skill retention.  Our character will be defined as a respectable community partner that displays integrity in action by modeling responsible virtues, ethics, and prosocial behaviors on-and-off the field.  Winning will be the byproduct of superior processes that promote the growth and well-being of the student-athlete by adhering to responsible coaching methods suitable for an academic institution.


A1M (Achieve 1% More) We will pursue excellence in everything we do by getting 1% better daily!

Program Outcome Goals

Academics Goals

Student-athletes will achieve academic success in the classroom.

  • Student-athletes will maintain a 2.0 or better to remain eligible to play.
  • Athletic Director will communicate with teachers and coaches regarding student grades.
  • Guidance to educational resources will be available to student-athletes.
  • Mustang Softball will be recognized for their academic merit.


All participants will pursue excellent in competition.

  • Coaches and student-athletes will adequately and regularly prepare to compete.
  • Performance will be a product of learning and growth.
  • Student-athletes and coaches will honor the game; opponents, coaches, officials, spectators and themselves.
  • Coaches will encourage student-athletes to put forth their best effort, attitude, and behavior during all athletic events.
  • Coaches will schedule scrimmages and tournaments that will challenge the student-athletes.


Student-athletes will be physically prepared to perform in competitive events.

  • Student-athletes will be introduced to movement, conditioning and fitness methods to complement a lifetime of physical activity and fitness.
  • Student-athletes will be able to understand the basics of weightlifting, physical conditioning, and speed and agility techniques.
  • Student-athletes will be able to stretch, warm-up, and cool down appropriately.
  • Coaches will teach proper team specific motor-skills that promote safety and performance.


Student-athletes will learn and apply mental skills, strategies, and tactics to promote competitive play.

  • Student-athletes will demonstrate the use of sport specific rules, strategies, and concepts during sports participation.
  • Student-athletes will be able to demonstrate anticipation, readiness, and purposeful activity.
  • Student-athletes will understand their role and contribution.
  • Student-athletes will set individual and team goals.
  • Student-athletes will be able to mentally prepare for competition.
  • Student-Athletes will learn responsibility.
  • Student-athletes will be able to understand the importance of nutrition regarding maximum performance and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Emotions / Social

Coaches and student-athletes will provide a healthy atmosphere that demonstrates high standards of ethics, prosocial values, and personal conduct.

  • Student-athletes will practice teamwork while working together through a variety of tasks.
  • Student-athletes will exhibit good sportsmanship by congratulating teammates and opponents.
  • Coaches will promote positive reinforcement and encourage student-athlete directed compliments.
  • Student-athletes will demonstrate internal cooperation and competition respectfully.
  • Leadership opportunities will be clearly expressed and available for team captains.
  • Coaches will conduct themselves professionally during all sporting activities.
  • Student-Athletes will value the importance of discipline, following directions and will demonstrate conflict resolution skills.
  • Student-Athletes will create positive sporting memories, gain self-confidence and self-efficacy through their deliberate participation.


Student-athletes will advocate the values and benefits of the softball program.

  • Student-Athletes will model good citizenship on-and-off campus and abide by personal standards of conduct.
  • Students-Athletes will be encouraged to wear spirit gear.
  • Student-Athletes will be encouraged to attend other in school sporting events.
  • Coaches and student-athletes will foster support and cooperation between upper and lower-class inter-teams.
  • Parents and student body will be welcome to attend all sporting events.
  • Coaches and student-athletes will advocate community softball by running local clinics for girls in grades 5th through 8th.


The softball program will be self-funded and viable.

  • Families will understand the value of their student-athletic contributions.
  • Student-athletes will conduct appropriate fundraising.
  • Teams will seek appropriate community sponsorship.
  • Booster contributions and capital expense request will be available and modified annually.


Events, facilities and equipment will meet appropriate safety standards.

  • Facilities will be well lit and inspected.
  • Sporting events will have adequate staff to ensure participant safety.
  • All equipment will be maintained, inspected, repaired or replaced as needed.
  • Student-Athletes will wear required safety equipment.
  • Coaches will maintain all student-athlete medical forms.
  • Student-athletes will turn in completed registration forms, physical clearance forms, and medical waiver.

Schedule of Events

See team website at www.montevistasoftball.com/calendar.

Uniform, Equipment & Documentation

We will practice like we play! So, come prepared to play softball and get dirty. Proper game/practice uniform is always required along with all needed equipment. This includes cleats and sneakers, glove, sliders, helmet, signal wristband, faceguard (if needed), visor, bat, hair-scrunchy, a light jacket, and water and snack. Phones will be kept in the backpack or bags and should never be used in the dugout or on the fields. Exception: notify the coach if a call or text must be made

Strict dress code applies, meaning no tanks or shorts. Appropriate softball attire is always required. Players will be responsible for their jersey and will refrain from wearing the uniform (pants/jersey) during practice.

Players are responsible for transferring the equipment to and from the field and to set up and tear down the equipment before and after every practice or pre-game and workout. Additionally, players are responsible to keep all dugouts and fields clean.

Players are responsible for reading, understanding and securing all team documentation provided by the coach and any member of the Monte Vista Softball Program.

Team Size and Selection Process

Students are required to tryouts for the softball program and team selection processes are based on a variety of factors that include skills, attitude, behavior, and effort.  Tryouts are held in February for a period of five to ten days and will consider all positional skills, offensive and defense capabilities, athleticism, and personal conduct.  Team size limitations are not expressly set and subject to change.  However, the Varsity team will roster the appropriate quantity of players to be competitive.  The Junior Varsity team is encouraged to roster a reasonable number of players that can demonstrate future learning without increased risk of injury to self or others.

Player & Parent Expectations

Players, your Effort, Attitude, Behavior and Energy (Food, Water, Rest & Motivation) are under your sole control and we expect only your best. A lapse in any of these will result in reduced playtime and possible disciplinary measures.

Player Attendance, Participation, and Communication is a top priority. If you cannot attend a scheduled team event, you are solely responsible for communicating with the coach or team captains 24-hours prior. Failing to commit to the team and the team functions harm our ability prepare, grow and succeed. We will work around it by allowing other players opportunities to fill positions so team obligations can continue unimpeded.

Players will be required to compete with teammates over position and extended playtime. Moving forward all positions are open and play time will be predicated on your individual efforts attitudes, behavior, and energy. Playtime is guaranteed by your individual actions. Playtime and positioning will never be discussed during games and tournaments. Players are encouraged to express their question and comment directly to the coach at the appropriate time.

Commitment and preparation for a successful season begin with the student-athlete and players will be pushed out of their comfort zone. Players must be willing, ready, and able to learn and grow. Being coachable, present, and able to finish every drill, play, inning, game and season are excellent characteristics of a champion on-and-off the field.

Players are required to hustle on-and-off the field and between drills. Additionally, highly regarded players will show initiative without coach instruction, and always do more than expected.

Parents, we understand the value that supportive parents can have on our student-athletes experience, so we have some basic requests. First, get involved by driving, volunteer for team functions, assist in fundraisers and provide for your daughter’s financial contribution.  Second, cheer loudly and often for your daughter and her team. Remember that providing instructions from the stands is always prohibited as is arguing or complaining with/towards umpires or opposing teams. NEVER do anything to embarrass yourself, your daughter, her teammates or her team.

Additionally, refrain from communicating via email, text, or phone 24-hours after games regarding game outcomes, playing time, positions, or other coaching decisions.  We strongly encourage your student-athlete to initiate such conversations with her coaching staff directly before parental involvement.

Finally, we fully embrace the Proximity Principle, which requires that all players stay together as a team until they are released by the coaches during games, tournaments, practice, and team bonding events. We ask that parents respect the team environment and allow the student-athletes their space to create and maintain a united culture.

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